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CFO and Controller Services

CFO Services – A Chief Financial Officer has the ability to analyze and understand the entire business beyond the financial statements. This includes the business’ own operations, its markets, customers and competitors. When Swofford Services acts as a CFO for its clients, its main focus is to provide advice and counsel to the Owner or President so they have the best and most accurate information to make the best business decisions.
In the CFO role, we will provide the following services:

  • Use the financial statements to improve the business results by analyzing the operations looking for inefficiencies and areas for improvements.
  • Scrutinize overhead expenses for savings or better opportunities for the same cost as the Company is currently paying.
  • Perform treasury and cash flow services to maximize cash flow.
  • Financial Planning and analysis to ensure the business stays on plan and meets its goals.
  • Combine our experience in accounting, finance, banking, human resources, information technology, legal and insurance to provide total business solutions to the owner

Controller Services – The Controller’s main focus is preparation of the monthly financial statements and key management reports.

In the Controller’s role, we will provide the following services:

  • Prepare monthly financial statements
  • Actual vs. Budget Variance reports (when budgets are prepared)
  • Analysis of Accounts Receivable Aging reports
  • Inventory turnover reports
  • Job cost reports
  • Supervise and train accounting staff

CFO and Controller Services are provided on a continuing part-time or interim basis:

  • Part-time – Depending on the needs of the client, Swofford Services can provide services for as little as 10 hours per month to 2 or 3 days per week. We are focused on providing the services the client needs and not spending any additional time performing tasks which are not critical to the success of the business.
  • Interim – Sometimes due to an unexpected illness or termination, an expertise gap occurs in the accounting or finance department. Swofford Services can fill that gap on an interim basis so the accounting and finance function does not fall behind in performing its function. An interim position can last as short as a week up to a few months depending on the circumstances.

A few of our clients –