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By choosing Swofford Services, LLC, you will realize the following benefits:

Availability of expert advice – 50+ years of combined experience in accounting, finance and management.  Swofford Services also has broad business experience working with banks, insurance companies, law firms, real estate brokers, publishers and other consultants to provide the exact solution to your financial and business needs.

Cost Savings – By choosing to outsource the accounting and finance function you will save on the cost of adding permanent staff to the Company and yet still obtain the benefits and experience of a full-time person. A CFO can command up to $200,000 in salary plus benefits, bonuses etc. Controllers can command a salary upwards of $100,000 and experienced accounting staff $50,000 or more. Whether you choose part-time or interim services, the cost of working with Swofford Services will be a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee. This is due to the nature of our services whereby we are totally focused on providing the exact solution requested by the client without any additional time for unnecessary tasks.

Renewed Focus on Business Development – Often times as a business grows, the Owner and management are forced to become overly involved in the day to day back office operations due to inexperienced or unavailability of adequate resources. This sacrifices valuable time that could/should be used growing the core business. Swofford Services can fill that gap and assume responsibility for the back office operations like accounting, finance and human resources which results in more time for the Owner/management to focus on business development.

The most common reasons a company will chose to outsource certain business processes are:

  • To reduce operating costs
  • Improve company focus
  • Improve quality
  • Free up capital
  • Increase capabilities not otherwise available
  • Reduce operating cycle time

If a company can realize even one of the above and thereby improve its economic position, then outsourcing is a viable business strategy.

A few of our clients –